Tutorial – Onestroke Shark


Tutorial – Onestroke Shark

The shark is a popular design amongst the boys but how about the girls?

Maybe if we turn it into a colourful mask design they will love it too!

I absolutely love Leanne’s Tropical Collection and I have started using it in so many of my on-the-job designs (especially my butterflies! OMG the colours just POP!).

So I wanted to give this happy little shark some colourful waters to swim and splash around in!:)

But it got me thinking….we almost never give the boys the same POP of bright and vibrant colours as we do on the girl designs. Why is that?

Are we still holding on to the “girls want to be princesses” and “boys want to be superheroes”?

I think way too often we fall into pleasing the moms and dads rather than the child in our chair.
Raise of hands who had a mom or dad literally forcing their child to be painted into something that the parents wanted and not what the child asked for?
I know I have on several occasions and it is so sad.

So let the boys be princesses and butterflies if they want to!
Let them have glitter and lipstick!
And let the girls be pirates and Hulks and Spiderman!
Let them get that bad a** moustache or villain eyebrows!

If we remember to mix all our designs up with a bit of colour I think we can make the boys/girls lines a bit more blurry.

Yes we are facepainters but we are also the providers of magic, imagination and we deliver the freedom to be transformed into whoever you want! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the tutorial and feel inspired by this post 🙂

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